RE/MAX 10 Day ReStage Challenge Days 1-3

Recently, RE/MAX called on design lovers everywhere to enter the a 10 Day ReStage Challenge competition and show off their best home-staging strategies. RE/MAX received many amazing entries for each challenge, some of which are showcased on our Instagram page.

Here are the best tips and tricks from Days 1-3.

Day 1: Table Settings

Cheers to the Day 1 and Grand Prize winner @danidropalot. Her unique style and comprehensive attention to detail are what set her apart from the rest! When deciding how to set your table, it is most important to pick a common theme and stick with it. Whether it’s for a weekday, holiday, or a princess themed birthday party, a table will always look more cohesive with dishware and objects of a similar design and color.

Day 2: Flowers

The Day 2 winner was the dynamic mother-daughter duo @picturperfecthomestaging. Staging flowers in your home requires two main tips:

1. Keep your color palette in mind. Try to avoid flowers that match too closely with the main color in the room. Instead, opt for accent colors.

2. The vase matters. As you can see in the staging picture, the vase and the accessories around it pull the “look” together. Additionally, you don’t even have to use a conventional vase! This team used a crate to give their space a more rustic look.


Day 3: Art and Frames

The very creative winner of the Day 3 challenge was @deandracoleman, due to her personal touches to a gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and to get personal when staging art in your home! Deandra personalized her space with a “D” hung on the wall and a “dreams” painting.

Congratulations to all of the ReStage Challenge winners! Check back next week for tips from Days 4-7.